«The Norwegian mezzo, Mette Bjærang who sings Beatrice, wins immediately the audiences heart thanks to an remarkable voice material, and a presence in her spoken dialogues .» Expressen, the Swedish world premiere of «Beatrice and Benedict» 13 july 2015

«As Beatrice impresses the intensive Norwegian mezzosoprano Mette Bjærang, who voluptuous throw her self into vocal duels with Karl Rombo`s subtle Benedict.» Svenska Dagbladet, Beatrice and Benedict, 15 july 2015

«Beatrice (Mette Bjærang) had a luscious golden mezzo that fitted the role perfectly. Her sarcastic barbs directed at Benedict were very believable, and her Act 2 aria where she realises she loves him was thrilling, showing a new, more sensual, aspect to her voice. Her voice also blended beautifully in the trio with Hero and Ursule» Seenandheard-international.com

«Mette Bjærangs voice lifted «Terra Nova» up to an extra dimesion, and she delivered her lines with beauty and presence» Avisa Nordland, worldpremiere of Jan Gunnar Hoff`s «Terra Nova» 21 dec 2014.